Bearing Defect Factor™

Classic monitoring techniques do not allow monitoring a bearing during its whole life cycle with good accuracy. As consequence, assessing a bearing health is quite complex to achieve. ONEPROD has developed a smart indicator name the bearing Defect Factor (DEF) more than 30 years ago, so that the bearing health can be characterized very high accuracy from the first spalls and during its whole life cycle, with a single indicator.

The bearing defect algorithm has been designed based on +2000 rolling elements tested and has proven extremely reliable over the years in all industries for machines:

  • equipped with roller/ball bearings,
  • operating in a speed range of 600 to 6000 RPM
  • and which are not naturally generating shocks (gearbox, thermal engine…)


Monitor of bearings with a single indicator

A single value, constantly increasing during the whole bearing life cycle allows assessing the bearing health no matter where you are in the bearing damage process. The results of the bearing defect gives an absolute value that can be trended over the time, and that easily defines the health grade of the bearing in the simplest form (green, yellow, red alarm).

Foolproof setup

Absolutely no setup is needed. The ONEPROD bearing Defect FactorTM offers a reliable methodology as it is:

  • not affected by the load and speed
  • not affected by the size of the ball bearing,
  • not affected by the painted surface
  • not affected by the distance between the rolling element and the measurement point.

Cost effective monitoring

Cost effective technique: monitor bearing defect and other defects with a single sensor (vibration accelerometer).

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