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Oil and gas industry

Offshore oil extraction is a challenging environment in maintenance terms, in which the availability of assets is of the utmost importance. A considerable number of essential rotating machines, structures and piping networks are subject to high levels of demand, and staff turnover levels are also high.

With ONEPROD condition-based maintenance solutions, it is possible to avoid production downtime resulting from unexpected failure, and to ensure better management of spare parts (compressors, water injection pumps, etc.). The ONEPROD innovative solutions make it possible to:

  • Easily monitor inaccessible machines in explosive areas, using EAGLE wireless sensors,
  • Keep qualified personnel offshore at all times, with FALCON’s automatic diagnosis capabilities,
  • Make vibration measurement accessible to anyone, thanks to FALCON’s smart user guidance,
  • Easily access assistance whenever and wherever you need it (troubleshooting, training, remote assistance capabilities, etc.).
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