Nuclear power

The nuclear industry must increase the availability and reliability of its power stations whilst ensuring that a high level of safety is maintained. Controlling the health status of critical equipment is not only essential for overall safety, but it is also the only way to implement a targeted and controlled maintenance system.

EDF, French producer of nuclear energy, has 59 active reactors located in 19 power plants. EDF has chosen ONEPROD as its standard condition-based maintenance solution for the entire installed base, for a number of reasons, including:

  • robust products with capabilities to commit to long-term contracts,
  • a comprehensive product range (FALCON, MVX, EAGLE) covering all types of critical machine
  • centralized analysis capabilities with NEST software
  • easy data-sharing capabilities (e.g. with analytic systems, control room, CMMS, etc.)
  • tailored assistance with accredited service staff for data collection and troubleshooting in the nuclear environment.
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