NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software

ONEPROD NEST is a predictive maintenance software suite helping to know if maintenance actions need to be scheduled through the monitoring of rotating assets health condition. Through the whole process, focus has been given to the ease of use: intuitive machine setup, guided analysis, and ease of access to the automated reports. Relying on a unique know-how and 30+ years of experience in vibration analysis, data collected from wireless sensors and processed through Artificial Intelligence systems like the Accurex™ are guiding the user through his daily tasks. Its flexible software architecture allows for the display of one to multiple factories in a single cloud interface.


Easy access to Big Data

Are you looking for predictive maintenance information that is clear, concise and easy to understand? ONEPROD NEST Software provides exactly that, for everyone involved in maintaining industrial machinery in operational conditions.
Intuitive and resolutely visual, it makes the assets’ health condition available to staff at all responsibility levels, regardless of prior expertise. Reports are instantly accessible from anywhere around the world, via an ordinary internet connection.

Intuitive machine builder

The machine setup module allows any maintenance operator to easily set up vibration measurements. The machine is described in a very easy way using a simple drag and drop tool. By entering kinematic information (power, rotation speed, and so on) about the machine, the configuration to be used with the FALCON portable data collector’s automatic diagnosis system can be generated automatically. For any other machine, the only additional step required is to select one of the measurement point templates supplied with the device. Hundreds of diagnostic parameters are created in no time, providing an efficient and reliable monitoring of all critical assets. No vibration engineering skills are required.

Guided Analysis

ONEPROD NEST is the most productive vibration analysis software available on the market. In addition to the full range of conventional analysis tools, the users is literally guided through his analysis thanks to a set of innovative tools such as: the Health Matrix display, the bearing Defect Factor™, the Shock Finder™ technology for low-speed shafts, the HarmoniX™ quantifier, and the Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence engine. The analyst module also includes powerful features for the most demanding users such as the merged spectrum display and capabilities of post processing & replay on history.

Remote monitoring

In nowadays challenging environments and increasing objective for costs reduction, the ease of access to the information becomes crucial into the decision making of the maintenance process. With the NEST Dashboard interface, all assets can be monitored remotely through a single interface, with data coming from one or multiple distant sites, and from different data source: portable, wireless, or real time monitoring systems. Fully compliant with the new IT requirements in terms of cybersecurity, the NEST Dashboard is ideal for centralized diagnostic architecture, and offers an easy access to your machinery status through any mobile support.

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